Dear Friends, Thank you for signing up at and supporting this mission to help create a better future for this planet

Happy 11/11/10 my friends!!

In less than 12 hours over 100,000 people from all over the world will be sending their love, light and positive intentions into the universe in an effort to reharmonize the world-wide energy streams to affect positive change for a brighter future.

This positive transmission of information will take place as follows:

  1. Meditation tonight (11.11. 2010) at 11:11pm EST (please google timezone converter and find out how it translates for you) for 11 minutes (go in the quietude, let go, connect with the primal source). We want to have as many people doing it at the exact same time so that we can magnify the effects of this energy going out into the universe. However, if you cannot participate at the exact time, any positive energy you can emmit at your own designated time with help the cause.

  2. After those 11 minutes: with one thought and a loving heart send light, love, qi energy and peace to Mother Earth.

  3. Close with a mantra or a short prayer for Mother Earth; sing or recite (for example, Ma Ya Hai).

To achieve the highest possible success with the energy transmission, we ask you to practice this meditation for 11 days in a row.

We are certain that with your participation we can affect positive change in this world!

Peace and Blessings,

The New Reality Team

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